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Overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) – What’s the point?

Anyone who is accountable for improving manufacturing performance should be skeptical about OEE. Without an inquisitive mind setting thoughtful goals, the outcome will likely not be success. In truth, OEE is a scoreboard and we are all playing the game.

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Uptime Downtime Reporting with SQL Server and Ingnition OPC UA

In order to use SQL server for Up-time, Down-time and Production Reporting, data needs to be collected from the machine operation.  The OPC standard allows for the collection of this data from a multitude of industrial devices – too numerous

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Using Refurbished Enterprise Class Server for Economical High Reliability Server using VMWare ESXi

Purpose: Consumer grade computers proved to be too unreliable for mission critical server operation. The objective is to upscale the computer infrastructure to enterprise class hardware, allowing us to implement reliable RAID 5 and system failover. This is for a

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