Inductive Automation Ignition

Ignition is well suited for Operator Interfaces, SCADA Systems, and Operational Control. It also has advanced Plant Floor capabilities including statistical process control and OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness). It is our typical first choice for data driven control needs. As an Inductive Automation Gold Partner, Ai has access to special pricing and additional support resources. We pride ourselves in educating and empowering our customers to continue improving and growing with Ignition after we complete an initial roll-out.

Why is Ignition different?

The design of the control architecture did not spring up in the early Windows application frenzy. It came to being after the internet application revolution. Ignition doesn’t try to be a web page, but it is conceived as a web application and functions with these modern expectations. Like a typical web application, it has a SQL database at its core.

Why modern server is better?

Ignition utilizes the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) and SQL database (MS SQL or MySQL), which allows it to run on a variety of operating systems: Windows XP-2012 R2, Mac OSX, and many Linux and BSD flavors. Few dependencies and a small foot-print allows Ignition to run on conservative hardware and minimize power consumption.

Ready for the Cloud?

Ignition can be installed and hosted by a variety of Cloud service providers. As a Microsoft Partner, we have experience hosting Microsoft’s Azure service. With Azure, our customers can take advantage of zero hardware cost and the many other, historically cost prohibited, niceties that come with a virtual private server.