Data Visualization

Designing intuitive interfaces for machines and process equipment is a challenge we excel to.

Operator Interfaces (HMI)

We have worked with a plethora of operator interfaces.  This is often an overlooked critical component to proper machine design.  The user experience of a functional machine is largely dependent on the interface design and implementation.  These interfaces have layers of complexity often overlooked.  Some of the more advanced functionality often done poorly needs to specified and implemented properly.

  • Displaying messages detailed messaging
    • Am I running, stopped, idling, paused or running
    • How will I transition to the next phase what needs to happen
    • Messaging to the user that a permissive is preventing an operation
    • Auditing who changed what when
      • Often operator from one shift can setting without communicating changes
      • Critical changes can often be had to track accountability for

Manufacturing Oversight (MES)

Custom interfaces for industry applications are often unique to the manufacturing application.  As an integrator we can help you get the foundation of your solution in place without binding us to all future support and modifications.

Operation Equipment Effectiveness and Statistical Process Control are often over thought and overpriced.  These are expensive endeavors that can have short payback periods; however the challenge is in getting by in from the organization from the bottom to the top.  We can help you reap the benefits of these MES concepts without the risk of vaporware.