Uptime Downtime Reporting with SQL Server and Ingnition OPC UA

In order to use SQL server for Up-time, Down-time and Production Reporting, data needs to be collected from the machine operation.  The OPC standard allows for the collection of this data from a multitude of industrial devices – too numerous to mention.   

Inductive Automation, used in this proposal, is one of the few products developed to use SQL for its base for storing the information collected from the machines.  The term OPC (stands for OLE for Process Control) is dated and esoteric.  In short, the newer versions of the standard don’t even rely on the old Microsoft technology OLE (Object Linking and Embedding).

 Basic Arcitechture

The Ignition server would reside on your Dell Power Edge as a virtual instance of Windows Server 2012 Web Edition.  It would run SQL Server Express Advanced Edition with reporting. 


  • Everything runs from a central server
  • No client and development software is pushed from web browsers
  • SQL server is at the core of TAG addressing to your devices
  • Platform independent software prevents need to upgrade OS platform
  • Modern design environment makes simple changes possible

* In contrast many legacy market leaders require running Windows in XP mode to have clients on 64x computers.  This is a kluge of a work around that drastically impacts usability and should not be considered compatibility with 64x versions of Windows by Microsoft’s standards. 

Application Design

The Ignition server would have the following functionality

  • Centralize data on production and machine utilization
  • Keep audit logs of machine settings / changes
  • Provide reporting engine for customized reports
  • Provide development environment for up-time down-time reporting

Cause reporting can be accessed via any operator interface to the PLC and stored in the Ignition server. 

Ignition sells MES solutions for OEE (Overall Operational Efficiency) – this may be desired down the road.   Basic up-time down-time reporting is a good first step to reaching goals with the OEE practice, if desired.

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